Friday, November 12, 2010


I've just returned home from a romantic adventure to see the love of my life. He inconveniently lives about 6,000 miles away from where I am currently living.
After putting in some serious hours at work, I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks of pure bliss with him, and can't wait to go back! I miss him everyday.


And a weekend in Paris....
There is nothing like it, it is truly an amazing city.


  1. You lucky duck. I love the pictures. I noticed it is overcast or raining in a lot of the pictures. Is England rainier than Utah? I imagine it as being kind of comparable to Washington/Oregon weather.

    Are you and Lloyd missing each other tons or what? Silly question!

  2. Emily, im so glad you had a great time! And I love your pictures! You are a great at taking them! you will have to show me them all sometime! Love you sis!